Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

We have made our service friendly to organizations of any size. If you don’t have a domain (web address – e.g., you can still use our service. We will provide you with a shared sending domain that you can send with. Or, we can assist you in purchasing a domain to send with.
Aside from a domain, everything is ready to use. You will need opted-in customers to create a list to send to. Need a list? We can create forms for you to use to gain the opt-ins required to send.
We also have email templates to choose from to modify and start sending immediately.

Isn't bulk email just spam?

There are numerous lawful uses for bulk emails, from opt-in marketing to transactional emails and everything in between. Cherub Email is against spam, and violators will be terminated. We comply with all spam laws and do not condone or allow the use of our services for spam.

Does Cherub Email monitor what I send?

Cherub Email does not monitor the content of your emails.

Cherub Email has various guidelines of acceptable use of our service in our Product Specific Terms. Reports of violations or abuse will be investigated and could result in termination of your account.

Can I use a list I purchased?

No. Non-transactional lists must be permission-based marketing lists. A permission-based marketing list is one where each recipient has granted permission to receive your email. Read more about our email requirements in our product specific terms.

Where can I find documentation?

Documentation covering our service can be found at

How do I manage my subscription?

All billing and subscription management is handled by Stripe. To update billing information, change subscriptions, or cancel, go to Stripe’s Dashboard for Cherub Solutions LLC.

What happens when I cancel?

Subscription management is handled by Stripe. Once you cancel your Stripe subscription, your Cherub Email account is immediately deleted. Any scheduled sends will not be processed. You will be unable to log in to your account after cancellation. Please export whatever data you need before proceeding with a cancellation.

There are no refunds. Any unused sends after cancellation will not be credited back to you.

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